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From my journal. . . .Mother’s Day 2013



I can’t help but think about my sweet mama a lot this week. Wow! Only You know how every thought is filled with her memory! It seems I can’t escape her presence. . ..although she’s not really here anymore.

Sometimes it still seems so unreal that she is now with You. . .but I’m glad she’s safe now and has found her joy again. But the ache of missing her buries deep within my bosom. My chest hurts with the pain of losing my best friend and mentor. The questions of her death run deep within my mind. Continue reading From my journal. . . .Mother’s Day 2013

Serving Your Spouse During Their Dark Seasons

It’s been a little quiet on the blog for the last few days! Our family was on vacation last week, I had LASIK eye surgery over the weekend, and we finalized a sale contract on our current home and a purchase contract on our future home!

Whew… I am tired!! But God has been so faithful to answer our prayers and meet our needs!

In my email this week, I came across this article and found it worthy to share with my readers! I pray it will be an encouragement to you as you minister to a spouse, relative, or friend dealing with depression.