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Wednesday Whispers (Introduction)

Throughout the past few months,  I’ve sensed the Lord expanding my initial direction for my blog.   When I started blogging in 2015, I was processing my mom’s traumatic death and needed to record God’s work in my broken and tender heart. I had a desire to help others dealing with grief.  I was learning to trust God’s goodness and sovereignty.

It’s been five years since my sweet mom met Jesus. . . and although there are days when I grieve intensely, God has brought so much healing into my heart and life. He has continually whispered His grace into my grief and brokenness.

Not only have I discovered whispers of grace in “God’s classroom of pain and change”, but I continue to experience those whispers of grace in my everyday life. Sometimes He whispers grace through a song. Sometimes it’s through an article or book. Other times, He whispers grace through a shared meal with family. This morning, my heart was encouraged with His grace from a podcast.

I experience whispers of grace in exploring His beautiful Creation. He whispers grace in a conversation with a friend. Often, He whispers grace through my husband and children. My time in the Word is rich with His whispering grace.

God, in His abundance, loves to whisper grace into my heart. Often I fail to recognize those whispers because my heart is not in tune to listen or observe! With His help, I’m seeking to purposefully listen for His whispers and take notice of His daily grace in my life.

Since moving to CO, I have been taking regular walks through my neighborhood. I’m in love with the “no humidity” here! I often stop along my walk to sit on a bench that overlooks the mountains and the Denver skyline. The views are just gorgeous!


IMG_4650 (1)


I use this time on “my bench” to pause, pray, and praise. Today, as I sat listening to worship music and reading an article for teenage girl moms, I felt surrounded with whispers of grace from God. Through the song, He reminded me that nobody loves me like Jesus. I am deeply loved by the God of the universe!

As I read the article, I was overcome with humility that He would trust me to parent a teenage girl. I was led to pray for my teenage daughter as she continues to adjust to new CO cultures and surroundings . My eyes filled with tears as I reflected on God’s work of grace in her life. God continues to answer so many prayers for my children.

In looking at the creation around me, I was reminded that my God is in control and all-powerful! He made the mountains. He made me. He takes care of both! I can trust Him with my life.

For those few moments on the bench, I paused to dwell on Christ and His work all around and within me. As I praised Him, I also felt the Lord tell me to share. To share with my readers the various ways God whispers grace to my heart in everyday life. God’s goodness is meant to be shared!

So in humble obedience, I plan to begin sharing Wednesday Whispers!

Wednesday Whispers will feature various articles, songs, Scriptures, podcasts, recipes, pictures, books, and sites to explore. . .in hopes that God will whisper His grace to you as well.

I am so excited about this! If you’re not an email subscriber, you may want to sign up now!

Happy Wednesday, friends!