The Steadfast Love of God

(written in my journal on June 24, 2014)

Psalm 107—“His steadfast love

This phrase jumped off the pages for me as I read this psalm. “His steadfast love.”

God fills the hungry, He restores the broken, He leads the wandering, He satisfies the longing soul, He rescues the afflicted, He heals the wounded, He calms the storms, He makes us fruitful. . . Let us thank Him for His steadfast love; for His wondrous works to the children of man!

Sometimes I don’t “feel” loved by God. But He gently reminds me through His Word and Spirit of this truth—God loves me with a steadfast love that never changes.

Paul Tripp says “God won’t love you more because you obey. No, the only reason you obey is because you have been loved by Him.”

Lord, please give me a steady confidence in Your love for me. May I have no doubt that Your love runs deep for me. Draw my heart to Calvary. Help me to obey You. .  .even when I don’t feel loved.  Lead my heart to always consider “the steadfast love of the Lord.”


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