Wednesday Whispers #1

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This Is Not the Life I Expected, Life is So Hard-Part One & Two

My heart was so encouraged with these two podcast episodes by Sally Clarkson. Sally has been a mentor to me for several years through her books, conferences, podcasts, and blog articles. She is a wise woman who loves Jesus Christ and is passionate in offering Gospel hope to other women. Listen to podcasts-Part One and Part Two. 

How to Ruin Your Life in Your 20’s

Jason and I discussed this article with our oldest two children who are now both teenagers. Jonathan Pokluda gives “seven ways you can ruin your life while still in your twenties — based on the opposite of Solomon’s counsel — along with a resolution for what to do instead.” Awesome article! Read this post.

Is He Worthy?

I repeatedly listen to this beautiful song by Andrew Peterson. This song gives amazing hope and reminds my heart of Gospel truth. Listen to this song.

ABC’s of Theology

Each morning on the way to school, my youngest three and I review these awesome little cards of theology. I absolutely love the time we spend discussing theological concepts that even little minds can begin to understand. Check out these products!

Happy Wednesday, friends! 

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