About Sarah

Welcome to my blog!

I’m Sarah Little– a redeemed daughter of the King, wife to the love of my life, and mom to 5 awesome, crazy kids!

After almost 40 years of living in the Southeast, I now live in the beautiful state of CO! My husband and I are planting a church in the Denver area of CO.

My journey of faith has been full of ups and downs! As God continues to write the beautiful yet messy story of my life, I am embracing the journey to know His truth and experience His daily whispers of grace. I truly believe that God redeems all things and makes everything beautiful in His time.

I am most passionate for knowing and living His truth, serving my family, mentoring others in the Gospel and His grace, and encouraging the hearts of grieving people.

I desire for my blog to be a place you will be encouraged by His sovereign plan, grow in His grace, find rest for your wearied soul, be strengthened by His Truth, and find hope in the darkest of your days.

So glad you’re here! Hope you’ll stay a while!