Helps for the Grieving Heart

“God wants us to lament. Complaint doesn’t see the goodness of the character of God. Lament is authentic about the feelings but knows the goodness and benevolence of God.” Ann Voskamp

  1. Cry, cry, cry.
  2. Preach truth to your heart. (Because you will not always “feel” the truth.)
  3. Give yourself permission to be angry.
  4. Be honest about your struggle with others and God.
  5. Spend time with others . . . people who breathe grace into your life.
  6. Find friends who have walked the grief path to support and encourage you.
  7. Realize people mean well . . . but may not truly understand grief. (Learn to give grace.)
  8. Know that grief often brings loneliness. . .because you feel that no one “gets” you.
  9. Listen to music that points your heart to Jesus.
  10. Seek counsel.
  11. Attend a Griefshare Support Group.
  12. See a doctor if necessary.
  13. Use vitamins and supplements.
  14. Be aware that it’s normal to struggle with physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual changes. Change always accompanies loss.
  15. Exercise.
  16. Rest.
  17. Explore Creation.
  18. Journal.
  19. Read. . . books, blogs, Bible. (Recommended book list here.)
  20. Attend church.
  21. Pray . . . cling to Jesus.
  22. Walk in worship . . . one foot at a time. Do the next thing.
  23. Remember God’s past blessings and answered prayers.
  24. Don’t expect too much of yourself.
  25. Continue to serve others as much as you can.
  26. Give yourself time to heal. (And allow others time to heal.)
  27. Understand that suffering and grief changes us.

“Friend, you are the magnum opus of God’s creation. He cherishes you more than you could comprehend or fathom. When the loss change brings leaves you in a blur, don’t just get over it. 

Get through it by asking the difficult questions out loud.

Get through it by giving yourself grace amidst the blur.

Get through it by acknowledging the hard feelings while holding on to God’s truth.

And remember, He’s holding you too.”

(Girl Meets Change by Kristen Strong)

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