Navigating Change

In less than 2 weeks, our family will drive away from this house and enter another season of change. You would think that I’m used to change by now. Truthfully, I feel like my life has been a roller coaster or ups and downs every since we moved to SC. But NO. I’m still not used to change. . .nor do I necessarily like it. . .nor is it easy!

I cried myself to sleep Sunday night. I woke up sobbing Monday morning. I cried driving through town on Monday afternoon. I’m just so emotional these days! A million crazy thoughts jumble up my mind and heart. “Are we crazy?” “Can we survive a cross-country move?” “Does God have good plans ahead?”

I struggle. I pour out my tears and heart to the Lord. . . just like I have so very often these past several years. I tell Him all of my fears, frustrations, and feelings. I’ve found He is the only one who truly understands and can bring peace to my chaotic thoughts and fearful heart.

Very gently and quietly, He reminds me of His goodness and grace. He begins to flood my memories with answered prayers, with enduring promises of Scripture, and kind whispers of grace. He holds me close and assures me that “Sometimes God allows change in our lives so we can have His presence like never before.” (Kristen Strong in her book Girl Meets Change)

A few Sundays ago, I was sitting in church as God gave me a few thoughts for navigating the changes ahead. I quickly jotted these thoughts onto scratch paper and slipped the paper into my Bible.  These reminders from Him continue to dominate my thoughts and help me in this time.

  • I must rehearse His faithfulness.

God has never failed or forgotten me. He has held me tenderly in times of great loss. He has provided financially. He has protected my husband. He has ministered to my family in very difficult days. He has ALWAYS been faithful.

  • I must read the Word daily.

I have learned that I must fill my heart with His truth in order to combat the enemy’s lies. I need the encouragement of Scripture. I find strength in the words of Jesus. His Word offers hope and help!

  • I must rest in God’s promises.

God promises He will never leave me or forsake me. God promises He will never change. God promises He has good plans for my future. God promises to supply my every need. I must choose daily to rest in the numerous promises of God.

  • I must run to the Gospel.

Jesus is ALL that I need. . .He is enough. His blood covers my sins of doubt, fear, and worry. The Gospel gives me hope that Jesus has rescued me from darkness. My peace comes ultimately from trusting His finished work on the Cross and His victory in the resurrection!

  • I must renew my mind with truth.

Just this week as I was packing, I came across my “notecards of truth.” Several years ago, I wrote out Scripture promises on small notecards to carry in my pocket. At that time, I was intensely struggling with panic attacks and anxiety. Throughout the last several years, I’ve needed those cards of truth. Truth brings light. And light always conquers the darkness!

  • I must receive help from others.

I’m so thankful for the body of Christ and friends who share burdens. I’m grateful to let others keep my children, bring us dinner, and help us pack our house. Allowing others to serve our family brings blessings to all involved.

  • I must raise my praise.

In Psalm 71, the author repeatedly mentions giving praise to God. In fact, this entire psalm is one of praise to God!

  • Vs. 6 “My praise is always about You.”
  • Vs. 8 “My mouth is full of praise and honor to You all day long.”
  • Vs. 14 “But I will hope continually and will praise You more and more.”
  • vs . 15 “My mouth will tell about Your righteousness and Your salvation all day long, though I cannot sum them up.”
  • Vs. 23 “My lips will shout for joy when I sing praise to You because You have redeemed me.”
  • Vs. 24 “Therefore, my tongue will proclaim Your righteousness all day long.”

Raising my praise to God shifts my focus from me to Him! This move, this change, and this new ministry endeavor is all about Jesus and is from Jesus! May my life give Him all the praise for what He accomplishes in and through this feeble heart of mine!

Would you please pray for our family as we are navigating the many changes ahead? Our new adventure to CO is exciting yet daunting! Some of you have asked about supporting our family financially. . . if God leads you to give, we would certainly be grateful as well. You can read more about our first steps here.

As C.S.Lewis wrote, “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

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