Sarah’s Story

My childhood was amazing and filled with wonderful memories. My teen years were full of fun activities, awesome friends, and predictable routines! My college days were some of the best days of my life. My first years of marriage, ministry days, and motherhood were enjoyable, exciting, and fulfilling. It really was a dream world for me.

I knew little of brokenness, heartache and grief.

My life had been easy and my faith had certainly never been challenged.

I believed in the Lord and trusted Him with all my heart . . . or so I thought.

I knew His Word . . . and said that I believed His promises.

Until I entered a new season of HARD!

Surgery that left my body and mind broken and depressed.

Move away from all family and friends.

Job change for my husband.

Shift in ministry for our family.


Difficult twin pregnancy.

3 kids to 5 kids.

Sick and depressed mom.

Suicide grief.

Church split.

Broken heart.

Best friends moving away.


Husband’s heart attack.


Church and ministry shift.

New business startup for husband.

Cross country move with 5 kids

Church Planting Startup

These past ten years have challenged my faith in crazy, hard ways. I have learned that God does not protect me from pain. Yet, He walks alongside me in it all and proves Himself faithful. The promises of His Word hold true . . . in the good and the hard. He never changes.

I also continue to learn that God is good regardless of my circumstances. He is good because of all He has already done and accomplished! My job is to rest in the Gospel and truths of His Word that always prove true! I must lean into Him daily to hear His whispers of grace.

The seasons of struggle have taught my heart so many truths about Himself and my own prideful heart. I am learning to humbly submit every part of my life to His sovereign control. I am learning to rest in Him…my good God who never changes. I long to encourage your heart with the rich truths that God has used to sustain me in my suffering and the many changes that He has orchestrated for my life. May God whisper His grace into your heart, my friend.